Carlos Dobkin - Econ 113 - Econometrics Spring 2011 Files

  Econometrics Notes & R Code  
     hopefully helpful resources  

Section 8 - Friday May 22
Confidence Interval. F-Test, testing for multiple linear restrictions (that is, a test to is if part of your model is significant). F-Test for overall significance of a regression. Models with quadratic terms. (R-Code for all this included)
Includes R-Code for SSR from restricted and unrestricted models.

Section 6 & 7 - Friday May 12
Hypothesis testing, t-stat, P-Value.

Section 5 - Friday April 29
Mid-term review.

Section 4 - Friday April 22
Multivariate Regressions. Omitted Variable Bias

Section 3 - Friday April 14
Goodness of fit calculations by hand. Level-level and log-log regressions.

Section 2 Notes - Friday April 8th

Working with normal distributions (pencil & paper question, good review for exam). Working with OLS in R.

Section 1 - Friday April 1st

Basics. Hand calc mean, median, variance and standard deviation. Work with R to do more fun, basic statistics what-not.

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