Econ 113 - Econometrics (Summer 2011 - Susan Paterson)

  Econometrics Notes & R Code  
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  Section 5 - Tuesday August 23

Testing significance of model variable jointly, F-test, quadratic terms, estimating optimal levels, interaction terms, comparing two different non-nested models, finding standard errors of a model's prediction. 

  Section 4 - Tuesday August 16

Significance Testing, F-test, and Standardizing Variables

  Section 3 - Tuesday August 9

Mid-Term Review - we went through mid-term 4 (the Spring 2009 mid-term) 

  Section 2 - Tuesday August 2

Ordinary Least Squares. Hand calculation of simple single variable OLS. Using R to do a simple OLS regression. Interpreting R-Squared. Level-Level & Log-Log Regressions. 

  Section 1 - Tuesday July 26

Basics. Hand calc of mean, median, variance and standard deviation. Work with R to do more fun, basic statistics what-not. Probability calculations with normal distributions.

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