Problem Sets for Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I

 Problem Set 1   Due Oct 7 Wed

Basics of the Neoclassical Growth model and solving the Social Planner problem in discrete time. Extensions & complications. 

 Problem Set 2   Due Oct 9th Fri

Competitive Equilibrium (CE) in discrete time. Arrow Debreu (AD) compared to Sequence of Markets (SoM)

 Problem Set 3   Due Oct 14th Wed

Comparing single agent economies to N person economies... of various arrangements (basically, see under what conditions you get the same results as with a single agent).Corner Solution. Using functional forms and applying real numbers. 

 A Disclaimer 
There are numerous errors and typos. Even in the questions, we did find errors that materially changed the question being asked. I have a feeling they will exist in problem sets for years to come. 

Also, in our solutions, even a perfect score on a problem does not mean that that answer is fully correct.  In general, copying likely won't get you anywhere. A wise goal is to use the problem sets to learn the material and better prepare for the exams and prelim.'s. 

Also note that many problems are reviewed in lecture in later days. You might find better ways to approach the problem there. 

Credit - Three Groups contributed to solutions. Their solutions are given here with permission from at least one group member.

The League of Nations (LoN): Linh Bun, David Florian-Hoyle, Jacopo Magnani, Yuhan Xue, Yabin Wang

 My Group (My): Maggie apRoberts-Warren, Carmen Flernandez-Lara, Kat Lopiccalo, Jesse Bigley, Curtis Kephart, A. Christopher Limnios

Other Group (the others): Olya Rud, Jongchan Lee, Glen Wolf, Kevin McLaughlin, John Locke